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RSN Tech Solutions

Founded in 2015

Founded in 2015, A software development house with serveral years of experience building software for enterprise organizations and applications for startups.
RSN Tech Solutions is a web and app design/development company where the clients get connected as a team and together we face the challenges and celebrate the victories.
RSN Tech Solutions is based in New Delhi and Dehradun Uttrakhand India. We specialize in RoR developement, Product Design, Front end Development, UX Research, Web Development, E-commerece, Spree e-commerece, Wordpress, Mobile Screen design, Mobile App Development for iOS & Andriod, Web Hosting, Digital Marketing, IT Consulting, etc.

Wo We Are ?

Haven’t worked with top agencies, We're not associated with big brands. Have got no awards. (Yet!) And we’re glad. Because they don’t make a RSN Tech Solutions of a difference in what we do! Just a few years ago, three words with similar interests got together to move ahead in this mad world of Business Services and thats how RSN Tech Solutions was found.
What started with just 3 people & a handful of clients is today a fun house of 30+ people busy doing what they love. We definitely don’t intend to take a pause as we have just started growing. We have a huge appetite for ideas, an eye for creativity and we understand the thin line between what inspires and what sells. That’s us in a RSN!

Our Mission

Our mission is create higher quality STUFF, provide what our customers need, easy software solutions, one time delivery with intlegent money value.

Expert in accepting challenges

Work as a Team

In RSN family is only just 30+ people still a tight group everything that happen so far. We bring new challenges every week & we work togther to meet them. We also have lots of fun together : hack days, happy hours, trips, workshops, movies, lunches and lots of laughings.
At RSN we are team of masters : Designers, Content Writer, Software Engineers, Developers, Thinkers and Business Analysts we are passionate about making beautiful design, with simplicity & obtainable. Our work is about your user and their experience.

We're a Public Banefit corporation

We put our values at the core of how we opreate an oraganition -not just when its convenient but in a lasting and meaningfull way. We want time and energy you spend here to have a positive impact on society. You will work with creative people.
At RSN we consider, refine and create business-critical web applications and software products. We endow the most attractive and operative websites to our client and help our client to take their business to the next best scale. We endeavour arduously to delight our customers by trying to exceed our customers expectation.

A place where people connect, To Achieve.

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